Hello! Why Grandpa Stick? No, I’m not the World’s Grumpiest Grandpa who hits everyone with a stick who dares to pass the time of day with me, nor am I the sort of Grandpa who has a predeliction for strong adhesives with which to attach random objects to walls … small dogs, bacon sandwiches, humpback whales.

The stick bit comes from my name. Stickley. I’ve lived with it for a very long time and I’m just about used to it by now, sixty odd years later. I now find myself a Grandpa to two startlingly superb granddaughters, but if there’s one thing that I am very used to, it’s telling stories. I’ve been doing it professionally for over 40 years.

I live in the UK and often find myself telling stories for children in schools and adults in a variety of pubs, shacks, caravans and baths. (To be honest, only once in a bath. Five of us. Fully clothed. No water. Just to set the record straight, okay?) Sometimes this takes me to many places around the world, the latest being the British School of Bahrain in 2019.

However, Norway wins the prize for the most frequently visited country outside the UK with a total of seven visits from me over the years.

“What stories do you tell and how do you tell them?” I’m glad you asked. The brief answer is “Loads” and “entertainingly.” I have been known to tell tales from oh so many cultures: British; Zulu; Comanche; Chinese; Indian; Jamaican … hang on, this is going to be a very long list. Let’s just say, all around the world and from lots of varying traditions.